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You deserve happiness

Therapy is not just for healing. It's also for thriving.


I am a soon-to-be-licensed Mental Health Counselor based in Chicago, USA. 

I'm also a former academic and socio-cultural anthropologist. 



I will graduate from DePaul University with an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in June 2023.


I'm currently completing my internship at Asian Human Services, providing individual therapy to low-income and immigrant/refugee clients. If you have Medicaid or are uninsured and would like to meet with me, complete the intake application here.

I also run a free therapy group for individuals suffering from loneliness, the Lonely in Chicago Mental Health Support Group. We are an open group, so if you are in the Chicago region and want to join us, get in touch!

I work with people from all walks of life, with a particular interest in providing therapy for academics, tackling loneliness, and helping individuals and families affected by coercive control.

There is an urgent need for mental health services for academics.


Not just college counseling programs for undergraduates, but also for the 'adults': the adjuncts, ABDs, tenure-track faculty, and contingent faculty don't necessarily want to go to run into their students in the waiting room. 

As an anthropologist, I studied scientific communities and the structure of higher education institutions in the US and in Latin America. What I learnt is that the ivory tower is built on depression, anxiety, and untreated trauma. 


As a therapist, my goal is to take what I have learnt from studying academics, and use it to help individuals survive and flourish in what is often a lonely and unsupportive career. 

Please note: I cannot take clients outside of AHS before June 2023. If you are an academic interested in working with me, check back this summer for updates.


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