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About Me

I am a mental health counselor-in-training, and a socio-cultural anthropologist.


As an anthropologist I studied communities of academics, exploring topics like: 


The negative sides of having a 'passion' for research or teaching, and why academics don't think of themselves as 'real workers'. 

How racism, sexism, and neo-colonialism keep good people out of academia, despite the best intentions of everyone involved.

Why collaborations between scientists from US and the Global South sometimes end so badly.

I am currently working towards a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at DePaul University.


My goal is to specialize in working with two populations: 1) academics at all stages in their careers, and 2) people affected by coercive control in domestic relationships. 

In offering mental health counseling services to academics, I hope to take what I have learnt from studying academics, and use it to help individuals survive and flourish in what is often a lonely and unsupportive career. 

My work with people affected by coercive control will focus on family members of people caught up in cults and conspiracy theories like QAnon & victims of coercive control by a partner or family member.