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Mental Health Counselor in Training

Currently enrolled in DePaul's Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA program

My goal after licensure is to work with two populations: academics, and people affected by coercive control.

Therapy for Academics

Given my background as an ethnographer of academic culture, my goal when I am licensed is to offer counseling specifically tailored to academics.

I aim to offer:


  • Group therapy on topics like leaving academia, bullying, post-tenure depression, etc.

  • Individual therapy addressing issues like burnout, anxiety, procrastination, and depression/trauma during fieldwork.

  • Workshops for anthropology departments on topics such as preparing grad students for mental health challenges during fieldwork, dealing with the pressures of the job market, or managing the post-field transition.

More information on this page.

Surviving Coercively Controlling Relationships

'Coercive control' is a form of interpersonal abuse that involves threats, intimidation, humiliation, and abuse, and sometimes - but not always - physical violence. 


It can occur in domestic relationships: for example when the perpetrator is a spouse, parent, or partner.


It can also occur in groups, where a single person controls the behavior of their followers or dependents. This dynamic is often found in groups we term 'cults'. 

My goal is to gain experience and training to work with people affected by coercive control in both domestic and group contexts. 

More information, with resources, on this page.

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