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Where can I do this?

At home

Are the costs to get started high or low?


Would I be doing this in a group, in a couple, or on my own? 


Are there physical requirements that might make it difficult for me to participate?

Dexterity required

So what's it all about?

A relaxing and satisfying task you can do while talking to others, sitting alone, watching tv, listening to a podcast... It's really very versatile!

Knitting is one of those crafts that can be as expensive as you make it. If you'd like to keep costs down while you start, it's possible to find cheap needles and yarn/wool, including in second-hand stores or on craigslist.

There are many youtube tutorials or online guides, or you can find instruction books & pattern books at your local library.

If you'd like to make it more sociable, however, or need more in-person instruction, you can also look for a class or a group to join. Try on Meetup or ask at a local specialist store.

Finally, knitting is traditionally thought of as a female hobby. But if you're a guy and feeling insecure, take inspiration from Olympic gold medal winner Tom Daley!

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