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Dancing, improvised

Where can I do this?


Are the costs to get started high or low?


Would I be doing this in a group, in a couple, or on my own? 


Are there physical requirements that might make it difficult for me to participate?

Moderate to high physical movement with standing

So what's it all about?

There are several dancing categories in this list. One is for online classes, so that’s obvious. But you might be confused by the difference between ‘partner,’ ‘choreographed,’ and ‘improvised’ dance styles.

In partner dances a leader and a follower dance together. In most classes you rotate partners regularly, so you don’t need to come as a couple. In these dance styles you learn a set of steps, then the leader of the couple spontaneously decides which moves to use. These styles of dance are good if you find it difficult to memorize choreography.

Classes for choreographed dance styles usually involve everyone learning the same steps but dancing on their own. These styles are good if you prefer less social interaction.

Improvised dances are somewhere between the two. In practice, beginners classes are likely to involve everyone learning the instructor’s choreography. Later on however, you would be spontaneously choosing from a set of steps, like in partner dances, only on your own.

Examples of Improvised dances:
Flamenco (at advanced levels only)
Hip Hop
Pole dancing
Belly dancing

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