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Where can I do this?


Are the costs to get started high or low?


Would I be doing this in a group, in a couple, or on my own? 


Are there physical requirements that might make it difficult for me to participate?

Moderate to high physical movement

So what's it all about?

Cycling on your own is a form of transport. But cycling with other people is a highly social activity. Bike clubs have come in and out of fashion ever since the machine was first invented.

We are in one such boom right now, making it easier to find clubs aimed at specific populations. For example, below you'll find links to a Chicago LGBTQ+ and a Black owned bike club.

Costs can vary enormously. If you want to really get into cycling, and especially racing, you can easily invest thousands of dollars on a new piece of kit.

At the other end of the scale however, there are bike repair hobbyists who love to repair and reuse old bikes, or even invent elaborately ornate and bizarre bikes/sculptures that are rolling works of art. (LGBTQ+ bike club in Chicago) (Queer Cycling Chicago) (Black Owned Cycling Club, focused on social activism, entrepreneurship, and the support of promoting black culture)

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