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Calligraphy, in any writing system

Where can I do this?

At home

Are the costs to get started high or low?


Would I be doing this in a group, in a couple, or on my own? 


Are there physical requirements that might make it difficult for me to participate?

Dexterity required

So what's it all about?

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing, and there are some wonderfully elaborate traditions to explore.

Consider some of the beautiful and varied styles of Arabic calligraphy, and the way the letters swirl to embrace three dimensional objects like bowls and bricks.

Chinese Calligraphy was "considered the supreme visual art form", with what was written being as important as the way it was written but both being in balance with each other.

European Calligraphy traditions start with Medieval manuscripts, and yes, there is a YouTube video that can teach you how to do that!

And then there is the more (probably more practical) kind of calligraphy that you can use in everyday life in the US if you speak English, to send beautiful handwritten notes to your friends and family. There are many free and simple guides available on line, or at your local library. Or you can find fun activity books with pens and supplies at craft stores.

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