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Dungeons & Dragons

Where can I do this?


Are the costs to get started high or low?


Would I be doing this in a group, in a couple, or on my own? 


Are there physical requirements that might make it difficult for me to participate?

Open to all

So what's it all about?

Table top role play games like Dungeons & Dragons can be sociable and imaginative, and a good way to meet new people. Since featuring heavily on the Netflix series Stranger Things, they’re also having a bit of a renaissance and becoming popular with new demographics.

If you haven’t played one before there are many beginners guides online including guides for finding a group to join. There is even a group dedicated to helping new players. (I’ve listed some in the links below.) Another advantage is that D&D can be played both online and in-person.

Role play games have a reputation for being male-dominated and kinda geeky. But there are certainly groups out there that are more diverse. It’s such a popular hobby, you are bound to find the right people to play with if you are willing to do a bit of searching. Do some questing to find your perfect quest buddies!

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